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Ask Swami Fortune Teller Cards: The Destiny of Things, Story #115

Ask Swami Fortune Teller Cards:  The Destiny of Things, Story #115

I don't know much about the these fortunes.  I just love the newsprint and color combinations!

photo via The Destiny of Things, fortunes available here

Maybe because growing up we were big fans of the Twilight Zone and who could resist sitting at a booth and not getting an answer from Swami from the penny napkin dispenser, just like William Shatner in the Twilight Zone episode, Nick of Time!  Remember he and his wife were terrorized by the fortunes dispensed!

Just ask Swami a "yes" or "no" question and he will give some interesting to daunting answers!  See the suggested questions below and ask your question!

photo via blog, Made By Paper

So did you ask your question?  I did!  Here is one sample of an answer!

photo via blog, Made By Paper , check out the answer to his question!

Anyways, that was fun!  So around the time of my Hoarder Meltdown and shopping spree, which you can read about here, I originally bought a stack of these for my Etsy "thank you" packaging and gave many away before I realized that they do come in a complete set and am still sorting them.  I am still wondering what to do with my full sets, but here are some ideas for individual ones:

A kind Etsy buyer told me her story of how she uses them!  So simple, yet so cool.  They are perfect to add a little color and conversation to a wrapped gift.  It's so simple to use, just slide it on to twine or ribbon from the cut hole!

Other suggestions are slip one into each napkin, be it a dinner or cocktail party, brunch, Sunday dinner, nostalgic retirement party.  It's an old school ice breaker favor.

Drop them into thank you packaging, care packages, adult surprise balls or party favor bags, cards and letters to friends.

photo via The Destiny of Things, fortunes available in sets of 6 to a complete set of 52, just like a deck of cards.  Set of 6 here and complete set of 52 here.

Saying Goodbye:  I love these and am keeping several complete sets of 52.  I found sorting them relaxing and interesting and many, like the "aces" have several different versions with varying in answers, different silly word definitions, colors and even fortunes, however I haven't had the time to sort or read them all yet.

What I Learned:

1.  I initially bought these as part of my "thank you" package to Etsy buyers.  I collected many fortune teller items as a "thank you" for them and a reminder for me that my dehoarding are steps closer into an unknown life without hoard, which is very hard for me to imagine!

However I didn't know that they come in sets like a deck of cards with a set of 52 comprising of 13 hearts, 13 diamonds, 13 spades and 13 clubs to make a complete set.  Also, I misplaced some in my hoard and had thought I sorted them all, but have since found the misplaced ones and the OCD me needs to see how many more complete sets will come together.

2.  I've always wanted to be a "Repetition" artist because I've always liked how the look of the same 100 +  uniform things can actually look so unrecognizable or more recognizable when all together depending on arrangement.  For instance I've always been in awe of the repetition of a tree lined street, a long simple white wood fence,the aerial view and patterns of farm rows, even stacking my rings and bracelets in the many different possibilities in arrangements and combinations and if they are the same thing in over 10, what are the chances of collecting that many of the same thing ever again!

What is the likely hood of finding a complete set of these ever again?

 photo via The Destiny of Things, complete set of 52 here or visit the holiday and supplies shop section for more fortune teller and paper ephemera.

3.  Another glimpse into my dehoarding issues.  That is enough thinking for the day, in which I tend to overthink even more when I have insomnia.

Any ideas on what to do with a set of 52 without buying one of these?  Please indulge me!

 replica of the Mystic Seer prop from the Twilight Zone episode, photo via Captain Toy.  Michael gives a thorough and enchanting review of it and there are many more photos to see.

Thank you Etsy buyer for sending your story on the use of the Swami Fortune Teller cards!  It not only brought back some good memories, but gave me insight about my hoarding ways!

Thank you Etsy for a short, yet insightful connection that helps make my hoard into a good thing and can at least make two people happy!

Thank you US, Germany, Vietnam, Australia, Netherlands, United Arab Emirates, Canada, France, Italy, Ukraine and Poland for joining me in my Hoarder RehabThe Destiny of Things!

Click on the shop names to visit my hoard listed daily: HoarderRehabThe Destiny of Things and VintageToGoEtsy and now JunkDrawerLoveEtsy!  There are about 60 items listed on JunkDrawerLoveEtsy and will be listing 1-3 new things there daily and 1-2 items at the other shops!  Thanks for looking!

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